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The Museum of Us: Telling It Like It Is – Using Text For Change

A Disability-led discussion on creating work for an accessible future.

A piece of paper with lines of markings made in red, brown, blue and yellow.

Linda Harman, Krsrrespres Net Islarnd, ink and watercolour on Japanese paper, 2021.

In November 2020 Arts Access Victoria commissioned 50 Deaf and Disabled artists to create digital works exploring the questions, what could an accessible future be for Victoria? And what sort of future do we want to emerge?

Artists CB Mako, Ferris Knight and Woz join Caroline Bowditch in a panel discussion, sharing the choices they made for their Museum of Us commissions.

Following the discussion, the artists will lead participants in break-out workshops considering what an accessible future is from participants’ perspectives.

This Event is part of Alter State’s Digital Launch. Alter State is a celebration of disability, creativity and culture presented in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and Arts Access Victoria.

This event has a limited capacity. If you can no longer attend, please let us know using the contact details below.

A recording of the panel discussion will be available to view on demand from 2.30 pm, 11 November until 11.59 pm, 13 November 2021 (AEDT).

Audio Description will be delivered by the workshop facilitators.

All questions and comments made by attendees during the panel discussion will be captured as part of this recording. The break-out workshops will not be recorded.

Once you click the booking link you will have up to 20mins to complete the online registration. This includes setting up an Arts Centre Melbourne account if you don’t already have one.

If you need support booking a ticket or have any questions email or phone 1300 182 183.

About the artists

CB Mako

CB Mako is a founding member of the Disabled QBIPOC Collective and is one of the contributors of the Growing Up Disabled in Australia anthology. Winner of the Grace Marion Wilson Emerging Writers Competition, shortlisted for the Overland Fair Australia Prize and longlisted for the inaugural Liminal Fiction Prize, cubbie is also a contributor to Liminal’s Collisions: Fictions of the Future anthology.

Learn more about CB Mako’s artwork ‘Inclusion’

Ferris Knight

Ferris Knight is a queer and disabled writer, producer and advocate from Melbourne, Australia. She mainly writes about lived experiences with mental and physical health conditions, as well as queer politics, poetry and fiction. She has also worked with organisations such as Arts Access Victoria, The Dax Centre and Women with Disabilities Victoria.

Explore Ferris Knight’s work ‘No one ever told me I was disabled’


Woz is a visual artist. He paints many portraits, especially self-portraits, as he searches for his new identity post brain injury. Woz mainly works in oils, but he enjoys the twists and turns of learning and exploring different mediums. He gives his demons 3D forms, sculpting them into manageable, controllable visual manifestations. Delivering some startling abstract paintings which he terms his automatic paintings, Woz is able to provide images if not the words to his inner world. Woz started painting in 2017, five years post brain injury. He previously worked in disability equipment administration for 15 years. His current goals centre around increasing his network and advocating in a variety of media for a more inclusive and accessible society. With strong connections within Arts Access Victoria and Brain Injury Matters, Woz is on a path of his own choosing.

Listen to Woz talk about ‘What is an accessible future?’

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The Museum of Us was funded by the Victorian Government for Victoria Together.

The Museum of Us: Telling It Like It Is – Using Text For Change is supported by the City of Melbourne.

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