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Unrestrained – A display of delight

An exhibition from Robert Croft and Johnathan Thompson

unrestrained poster

As Outsider Artists their creativity is unrestrained, a display of delight that is honest, raw, unfiltered and most of all joyous.


Robert Croft

Robert gives a tactile quality to his work no matter what medium he uses. He delights in the colour, texture and the rhythm of applying these mediums. The layers of colour and texture Robert achieves through his processes, demonstrate the instinctual nature of this Artist.

 An industrious worker, Robert enjoys working across a range of mediums and can draw reference from still life and the printed image; but mainly and most effectively his inspiration comes from the pure joy of creating.

Robert creates his work at the Art Gusto Studio and with his Mentor, artist Mark Cuthbertson.


Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan was born in 1980 In Melbourne.
He has been interested in art from an early age, always keen to try something different & experiment with various materials & mediums.

He has been involved with Arts Access for 20 years & has had his works in several of their exhibitions. He is currently doing a Visual Arts course part time at Frankston TAFE.

Jonathan is presently focusing on sculpting figures out of various materials & having them cast in bronze or other metals. He gets inspiration from family, friends, & TV shows but mostly from ideas that pop into his head. The end result is always a surprise!
He is a prolific artist & enjoys seeing his creations evolve. Creating makes him feel happy & relaxed. His dream is to become a great artist.