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A photography exhibition by Vinh Nguyen

People walking on a footparth next to a bus stop

Living and working in Noble Park, Vinh actively photographs the areas around Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale, often documenting the annual Lunar New Year, local boxing clubs, football clubs and the urban environment.

In this photographic series Vinh’s work focuses on public and communal sites like basketball courts, skating rinks, railway stations, shopping centers and bus stations—everyday utilities and social spaces around the City of Greater Dandenong and how they appeared during the COVID pandemic.

Vinh Nguyen is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, animation, painting, video, and drawing. He has been an artist with Arts Access Victoria (AAV) since 2012, originally part of the Satellite Studio at Monash Gallery of Art (2012 – 2016) and currently an active member of the Art Day South Studio in Dingley. Since 2020 Vinh has been a participant in the Mentorship Program at Arts Access Victoria working together with Chris Barry. He has been exhibiting in group exhibitions since 2012, this is Vinh’s first solo exhibition.

Vinh will be hosting an informal gathering at the Fantastic, Yes opening on May 8.

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This exhibition is funded and supported by the City of Greater Dandenong and Arts Access Victoria.

Thank you to Darren Rokahr, Manager at CPL, for your assistance with Urban/Suburban.


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