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Introducing the Youth Advisory Committee

Anna Zhang Anna loves using her creativity and art to empower, educate and advocate for individuals and issues. She has always been someone who has loved art since being...

A painted portrait of a seated 75 year old anglo British woman from the waist up. She is pressing on her breasts, with the blue folds of clothing bunched up around her hands. She stares at the viewer with her head slightly tilted and turned. There is a gold halo over her head with spikes of large gold pen nibs surrounding her head. The painting has a plain dark background.


Artist in Focus – C Tynan

Tell us about this artwork. This is Saint Jo, Scribe of Our Souls. Earlier this year, I applied for an artist development program called Feral Queer Camp as part...

Headshot of Sidney Younger. Photo by Amanda Hitten.


Artist in Focus – Sidney Younger

What kind of art do you make? Lighting Design. How long have you been making art? Sidney has been working freelance across a broad range of genres and performances...

Joe working at home studio on a linocut. photo by Jess Leane.


Artist in Focus – Joe Monteleone

What kind of art do you make? Linocut work. How long have you been making art? Specialising in linocut work for the past 3 years. What kind of art...

Nikki Willson in her study. Photo by Simon Bronson


Artist in Focus – Nikki Willson

What kind of art do you make? Digitally manipulated, collaged and painted photography and video installations that explore bodily memory and the construction of identity in the context of...


Artist in Focus – Michel Tuomy

What kind of art do you make? I am the playwright of ‘Little Brother, Big Sister’ the theatre play which [showed] at La Mama Courthouse Theatre in June 2023....

This work is colourful and reflects Kellie's joy with the process of painting


Artist in Focus – Kellie Wood

Tell us about this artwork. This work has evolved over time and contemplation about my time I have spent involving Doctors and and a period of waiting and appointments....

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue


Artist in Focus – Aleshanee Faery

This profile was compiled from a transcript of Aleshanee’s artist talk at the opening of ‘Blue on Blue on Blue’ and our Artist in Focus series questions. What kind...

Headshot of Louise in her studio standing in front of her artwork made up of gold and black pieces of mosaic.


Artist in Focus – Louise Marson

What kind of art do you make? I usually work as a visual artist using natural recycled stone such as marble, travertine, slate and limestone to create mosaic panels...