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Artist in Focus – Tamar Dolev

Meet Tamar Dolev (she/her) who participated in AAV's Mentoring Program.

Tamar in her studio holding 2 artworks

Tamar in her studio holding 2 artworks

What kind of art do you make?

My practice includes painting, illustration, digital art, sculpture, photography and animation. I am renowned for my vibrant use of colour.

How long have you been making art?

I have been making art since she was child. As soon as I could hold a paint brush, I began to paint!

Confetti - Large collage on board

Confetti – Large collage on board

What kind of art have you made in the past?

I have always interpreted encounters of everyday life and gives them a narrative. The surface is always a large consideration in her process inviting the viewer to engage closely with her work.

Painting, sculpture photography are all mediums I have always been drawn to.

I recently exhibited my work in the Police Point Artist in Residence Program.

What are you looking forward to?

Experimenting with new ideas and mediums
Arty conversations

Do you have any comments or thoughts about your AAV program?

My mentor is amazing and keeps me on track with my art practice. Also the connection and friendships that are made [are awesome]. I now see myself as a professional artist as my confidence has grown enormously.

There are lots of opportunities that I would not have had or known about. My mentor Andrea keeps me motivated and excited about art.

Tamar Dolev and her mentor Andrea Hughes in Tamars studio

Tamar Dolev and her mentor Andrea Hughes in Tamars studio

Learn more about AAV’s Mentoring opportunities here.

Find more of Tamar’s work on her website. Follow her on Instagram, @theartoftamar.

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