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A group shot of Art Day South Artists.


Art Day South

The studio began in 1991. Since then, artists have collaborated to experiment and develop new artworks and projects. The Art Day South artists have shown their artworks and performed most recently at: Jolt Sonic Arts Festival at...

A hand is paining a landscape.



The Artstop artists have shown their artworks most recently at: ‘Visible/Invisible’ in partnership with City of Moreland (2019) West Projections festival in Seddon (2019) Deconstructed Musical presented at Coburg Libraries and online (2021)...

The Echo Collective ensemble is standing up in front of a crowd.


Echo Collective

Echo Collective is open to all Deaf and Disabled Artists with an interest in collaborative and experimental art-making, music, visual art and improvisation. Echo Collective welcomes all Deaf and...

One of the Get Out! artist drawing.


Get Out!

The studio began in 2003. The Get Out! artists have shown some of their artworks at: ‘Art Is’ (2019) ‘Homage to’ (2017) ‘Frog in a Cage’ (2014) ‘The Happy Stage’ (2012) For more information about Get Out!, please fill out the form below, or email Kate...

A drawing of Nebula, our Colourful, fully accessible portable arts space.



The studio is based at the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. You will be making art at the Mess Gallery and Nebula, our accessible portable arts space. Besides practical studio work, you will have access to gallery exhibitions and...

4 people are stand and playing the drums. While another person plays a Cabasa.


SRS Studios

We encourage independence in artistic decision-making. Artists have the choice in how they make art. How they wish to develop as an artist. And how they take part, be it through:...

Patrick Frances is in a red suit is looking towards the ceiling. He is wearing a red cape that is billowing behind him.


Way Out West

The studio is a multi-art studio. You will work in collaboration with other artists to create and present works. Way Out West (WOW) is open to all Deaf and...