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A young boy in a room standing in the middle of a spilled puddle of Milk. With a surprised expression on his face. The boy has a hearing aid on a band, a light blue top with a tiger outline print and a blue, red, and white striped shorts, white socks with brown leather sandals. The image of the room around the boy is blurred.


Nimbus Studio present Spill

Spill is a multi-artform exhibition presented by the Nimbus Studio. Eleven artists present works in painting, photography, dry point etching and sculpture. Their works explore the idea and act...

blocks of black, pinks, salmon, gold, white with grey cross hatching across the painting


Katina Anapaikos solo exhibition

Katina Anapaikos’ exhibition is two years in the waiting! This will be Katina’s first solo exhibition. Katina uses paint and pastels to create large-scale compositions. The works explore line,...

Raina Peterson, a person with long dark hair, stands in a darkened space, their face and shoulders illuminated by a theatre light. Their head is throw back and their mouth is slightly open, as if in a reverie.


The Museum of Us: Embodiment Workshop

Drawing on their practice as a yoga and dance teacher, Raina will lead participants on a journey back to our bodies, the ground and the world around us after...

Cassette tapes


The inaugural Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award

Established to shine a light on and recognise the contributions made by Deaf and Disabled musicians in the past 12 months, this award is long overdue and rewards the...

A digital illustration with a water stream filled with different coloured blobs, in a green solid field with a blue sky and two feather falling down


The Museum of Us is Live

Click here for the video transcript Click to visit out the Museum of Us. We commissioned 50 Deaf and Disabled artists to create work exploring the questions: What could...


You’re invited to The Gathering!

Part of Arts Access Victoria’s plans for 2020 includes conducting an audit of the incredible Deaf and Disabled artists we have here in Victoria. The aims of The Gathering...

Adam Knapper drawing.


Artist in focus – Adam Knapper

Over July, Adam is utilising this funding to work toward a series of drawings for a solo online exhibition in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project, Down the...

The Echo Collective ensemble meeting on a Zoom call.


Echo Collective online

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, performing arts ensemble Echo Collective have shifted location. From meeting at Phoenix Youth Centre in Footscray, the artists now meet online via Zoom. The ensemble have...

Michel Paul Tuomy and Adam Cass.


Artist in focus – Michel Tuomy

Artist and playwright Michel Tuomy has been interviewed by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency). Michel was supported by AAV with his NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) application process. We...