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A selection of Arts Access 1980s archive materials displayed on a table in a black and white photograph.


The Collective

The Collective digs deep into the AAV archive, highlighting projects across the decades. Witness the huge social shift from incarceration to liberation, across 50 years of practice. The exhibition...

A photo outside the Yarra Sculpture Gallery. There is a beautiful mural by Manda Lane on a brick wall with black and white floral and plant illustration


Yarra Sculpture Gallery Summer Residency Exhibition Opening

If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can check out the artworks Thursday 29 February – Sunday 3 March. The gallery is open 11 am to 4 pm....

A drawing of a small bird. The speech bubble next to it says ‘Just seen something to eat’. Overlaid on it is leaves and the shadow of a prism.


Prism by Artstop and Little Projector Company

Come to the special screening of this free outdoor projection piece by AAV’s Artstop Studio and the Little Projector Company. There will be free nibbles and non alcoholic drinks,...

Polarised image of a streetscape with black sky and white trees.


Urban/Suburban at Springvale Community Hub

Vinh Nguyen’s Urban/Suburban photographic project developed in 2021. During the Covid restrictions Vinh photographed the empty spaces around the City of Greater Dandenong. He captured the uncanny feeling of...

A lilac background with four brackets with four circles in each corner. In the middle is a stretched diamond with two red and two teal diamonds with one yellow and black circle in each diamond.



‘Nimbostratus’ is a group exhibition presented by the Nimbus studio. Nimbus are a creative collective working from the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. They’ve been developing their practices in a...

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue


‘Blue on Blue on Blue’ Exhibition

‘Blue on Blue on Blue’ showcases the incredible works of Aleshanee Faery. Join us at the Dax Centre to experience Aleshanee’s work in person. We will be hosting an...

Colour photograph of Joseph Stewart and Anna Seymour. Joseph has his eyes closed and is leaning backwards with his bare chest exposed. Anna leans her head against his shoulder and is facing the opposite direction. Anna’s dark curls frame her face and she looks out into the distance. Their arms are entwined and the background is a pink tongue colour.


Under My Tongue – Belinda Locke

Under My Tongue is a performance, exhibition and public program directed and curated by Belinda Locke. Content Warning: references to medical settings and mental health challenges. Under My Tounge...

Headshot of Louise in her studio standing in front of her artwork made up of gold and black pieces of mosaic.


Artist in Focus – Louise Marson

What kind of art do you make? I usually work as a visual artist using natural recycled stone such as marble, travertine, slate and limestone to create mosaic panels...

Tamar in her studio holding 2 artworks


Artist in Focus – Tamar Dolev

What kind of art do you make? My practice includes painting, illustration, digital art, sculpture, photography and animation. I am renowned for my vibrant use of colour. How long...