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blocks of black, pinks, salmon, gold, white with grey cross hatching across the painting


Katina Anapaikos solo exhibition

Katina Anapaikos’ exhibition is two years in the waiting! This will be Katina’s first solo exhibition. Katina uses paint and pastels to create large-scale compositions. The works explore line,...

South Melbourne Historical Map


Breaking the Barriers

This visual art exhibition presents a series of touchable linocuts and limited edition prints celebrating iconic landmarks of the Emerald Hill precinct, such as the South Melbourne Market and...

Abstract portrait of Kerry


Front Up by Adam Knapper

Front Up is a drawing project by Melbourne-based artist Adam Knapper. The project is a sequence of portrait drawings of Deaf and Disabled creatives who live and/or work in...

A group shot of Art Day South Artists.


Art Day South: 30 Years

This year marks 30 years of the Art Day South (ADS) inclusive studio. Join us on a trip down memory lane in celebration of all things ADS. ADS is Arts...

A digital illustration with a water stream filled with different coloured blobs, in a green solid field with a blue sky and two feather falling down


The Museum of Us is Live

Click here for the video transcript Click to visit out the Museum of Us. We commissioned 50 Deaf and Disabled artists to create work exploring the questions: What could...

Raphael Kaleb and Gular Altanbus


Review of ‘Human First?’ by Raphael ‘The Beurologist’ Kaleb

I would like to thank Güler Altunbas for using her creativity to share the space with other artists that are underrepresented in the community engaging with the community.  ...

a digital collage of differnent parts of different peoples faces to make up one face.


Human First?

Human First? is a new exhibition at The Dax Centre by artist Güler Altunbas. Human First? is disability-led story-telling, through the medium of digital art. This exhibition examines the artistic...