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Breaking the Barriers

See South Melbroune though the lense of Joe Monteleone

South Melbourne Historical Map

This visual art exhibition presents a series of touchable linocuts and limited edition prints celebrating iconic landmarks of the Emerald Hill precinct, such as the South Melbourne Market and other historic buildings. Each artwork has been painstakingly created by Deafblind artist, Joe Monteleone.

“My Deafblind identity is central to the work I create, which is an avenue both to expression, my inner emotional world, and encourage the audience to interrogate their assumptions and see the world from my unique perspective. Among these assumptions is the limiting perspective that Deafblind individuals aren’t capable. My work is a demonstration of what Deafblind people are capable of when ableist attitudes and societal barriers are removed.

Creating Lino cuttings with the depth of detail and complexity of these landmarks took 70-80 hours for each piece. The theme of the series is a journey throughout South Melbourne showing iconic landmarks in a new light through my Deafblind visual frame.” – Joe Monteleone Artist statment extract

Joe Monteleone’s exhibition is proudly supported by Arts Access Victoria as part of Thrive Festival 2021. Local Deaf and Disabled artists received grants from the City of Port Phillip for professional development to produce performances, visual art and film inspired by the geography of Emerald Hill.

You can view the exhibition online via our gallery.

You can listen to the  Audio Descriptions Below

You can also download written descriptions of the works. Joe Monteleone Visual descriptions Word Doc [22 KB]

You can listen to Joe Monteleone’s Artists Statment below or Download a PDF of his statement. Joe Monteleone Artist Statement PDF [100 KB]


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