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Capturing the City Zine Launch!

Young Deaf and Disabled artists in High Schools and TAFEs across Melbourne created Zines!

white trams are moving infant of an orange background.

Signal Outcome, Murual, 2022. Photo by Kate Disher-Quill

This year the artists created zines about things that are giving them joy. They also worked together to make a collective zine.

Join us for the launch of their collective zines.

The artists will be swapping Zines they made at the launch.

Click here for the launch Livestream [AAV YouTube

Click here to get the live captions

What is Capturing the City?

Capturing the City brings young Deaf and Disabled artists in High Schools and TAFEs across Melbourne to SIGNAL. Signal is a City of Melbourne creative studio for young people on Flinders Walk. Capturing the City is the perfect place for artists to experience the city, learn new skills and experiment. The program ends with a celebration and a chance to show off their artwork.

Capturing the City is supported by the Victorian government through Engage! and The City of Melbourne. This project is in partnership with SIGNAL and Sticky Institute.

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Capturing the City Zine Cover

Download the Zine Launch Poster PDF [9 PM]