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Front Up by Adam Knapper

Portrait drawings of Deaf and Disabled creatives who live and/or work in the City of Port Phillip.

Abstract portrait of Kerry

Front Up is a drawing project by Melbourne-based artist Adam Knapper. The project is a sequence of portrait drawings of Deaf and Disabled creatives who live and/or work in the City of Port Phillip. Presented on the windows of Arts Access Victoria.

The portrait sitting involved a conversation with Adam’s creative peers. These sittings allowed them to connect on shared experiences and create meaning through the process. The drawings were made with a single line where Adam observed the sitter for the duration of the drawing. The line work happens quickly and intuitively. Watercolour was then used to give further form and life to the final work.

Front Up aims to represent and empower Deaf and Disabled artists through the creative process of portrait drawings.

You can view the work online via our Gallery or

Walk past the AAV offices and see them on the windows covering the building.

Listen to the Audio Descriptions of the Works here. 

Adam Knapper is a Melbourne based visual artist. He creates artworks that utilise painting and drawing as a way of unravelling and revealing the layers and complexities of the human experience. People, places, and events from within Melbourne’s rich cultural landscape have inspired his creative practice.  Adam has exhibited extensively across Melbourne, is the recipient of numerous awards, and his artworks are represented in public and private collections.

Front Up was made in conjunction with Thrive Festival: A celebration of local Deaf and Disabled Artists. The project was supported by Arts Access Victoria and funded through the City of Port Phillip.


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