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All events are in person and online live via the St Kilda Film Festival Power and Access: Seeing Ourselves in Short Films In this disability-led discussion, we invite filmmakers...

A white trans man wearing green glasses and black t-shirt looks at the camera.


Artist in Focus – Teague Leigh

What kind of art do you make? I am a multi-disciplinary artist. My artwork includes collage and acrylic on canvases; a raffia, wire, and ink sculpture; and an animated...

A picture of Angela at a flower show wearing earthy coloured clothes around a decorative border of native flowers.


Artist in Focus – Angela Blazevic

Angela Blazevic is a Melbourne based artist who specialises in drawing and painting. We asked Angela a few questions ahead of the Artstop exibition, Shining a Light into the...

coloured boxes are filled with line drawings of people. in the cedntre there is an online event and auslan sybols. below it says The Gathering.


Join us in-person for the April Gathering!

Join us at the Arts Centre Melbourne for the April Gathering! This Gathering will be hybrid – so you can join us in-person or online. We will be meeting...


Mini Snug Rock

Mini Snug Rock, a relaxed music gig and panel at the Channel. Irene and Evelyn be talking about their creative process, sharing tips on expanding music practice and more....

The Werribee Gorge, rich reds, browns and oranges create the gorge below, scattered bunches of yellow straw grass, dead tree branches hanging from the earth walls. Above are tall euculyptus trees, vibrant and green leaves contrasting the soft, blue sky.


From Here to There

From Here to There tracks our movement. Movement of the body, of the mind, of time. How we moved from where we were to where we are. How we...

Two painted dragons in oranges, greens, greys and yellows on a white hill against a black sky.


Shining a light into the darkness

Shining a light into the darkness references a journey. One that all artists take to find their creative voice. It also speaks to the benefits of art on individuals’...

a woman is standing on a stage with her hand in the air.


AAV Studios are open for enrolment!

Echo Collective Echo Collective is an inclusive performing arts collective. You will get to work on your Improvisation, storytelling, and creative experimentation. Joining Echo Collective means you will play...

A coloured pencil drawing of three people sitting. They are an outline-based drawing.


Help Shape Our Programs for Young People Survey.

Are you 25 years or younger? Do you have a passion or interest in the arts? We want to hear from you! We are running a survey about what...