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Artist in Focus – Teague Leigh

Meet Teague Leigh who is exhibiting with Artstop this May.

A white trans man wearing green glasses and black t-shirt looks at the camera.

Teague Leigh photographed by Aera Bradley.

What kind of art do you make?

I am a multi-disciplinary artist. My artwork includes collage and acrylic on canvases; a raffia, wire, and ink sculpture; and an animated short video. My work draws colours from the Progressive Pride flag that represents the values of the LGBTQIA+SB community. I also use colours found in nature. My landscape photography is featured centrally and is collaged on my canvases.

How long have you been making art?

I picked up my camera 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple acquired disabilities. I have been painting and working on my projection and sculptural pieces since 2022.

A landscape photograph in black and white of Dragon's Head Rock on the Mornington Peninsula. The clouds above are stormy and slightly textured, whilst below a roughly textured flat bank of rock jutting into the ocean looks like it has the head of a dragon peaking up. The water flows over the dragon's back and drips off into the ocean beneath. The water appears smoky as the image has been taken with a long exposure to freeze the motion of the waves.

Photograph by Teague Leigh.

What kind of art have you made in the past?

Many decades ago I was a wedding photographer, but that slayed me, so I focused on being a published writer. However, due to my acquired disabilities I now find it difficult to concentrate on reading and writing. As I still wanted to be creative after my diagnosis, I picked the camera back up and headed first into the city to photograph Melbourne’s architecture, then I headed into nature which is truly my happy place. I also work for and volunteer for a range of LGBTQIA+SB events around Melbourne as an event photographer.

What art are you working on right now?

Currently I am working on my multi-disciplinary series “The Reclamation of Terra”, which includes mixed media canvases, a sculptural piece and a video. It is a call to arms. A shout out to my rainbow community to work together to reverse climate change so that we have an Earth on which to live whilst we fight for global equality. I am also working on a couple of photography projects. One project features abandoned objects found in nature. The other project features trans and gender diverse people in nature.

A 60cm x 45cm vertical canvas. It has shades of blue acrylic on the background. In the bottom third of the canvas there is a landscape image of a pale yellow sand dune with a deep blue sky. On the left of the image stands a lone tree. Underneath the main image and around the frame of the canvas are angularly collaged pieces of the same sand dune image. Coming out of the main image and heading towards the top left corner are 11 thin wriggly lines painted to represent the Progressive Pride Flag.

Artwork by Teague Leigh.

What are you looking forward to?

I relish exhibiting my work. I would love to take my series rurally and spread my message as far as I can. Working at Artstop, I am constantly incorporating the feedback from the conveners and finessing my techniques.

Don’t miss Teague Leigh’s work in the Artstop exhibition, Shining a Light into the Darkness. Exhibition runs 11 May – 20 May.

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