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coloured boxes are filled with line drawings of people. in the cedntre there is an online event and auslan sybols. below it says The Gathering.


Join us in-person for the September Gathering!

Join us at The Channel for the launch of Future Reset – Makers Space. This Month we will be focusing on networking.  Find out how you can get involved...

a colourful collage, a person is in a wooden boat holding a lantern. text: Time. Make Your Mark.


Future Reset – Maker Space Tasters

We will help you learn new skills and give you the resources to create new works and new friends! Future Reset – Maker Space is a series of free...

A painted mural is on top of a wooden fence overlooking the Melbourne city skyline


Capturing the City: Characters on Flinders Walk

We invite you to come to a performance of over 40 emerging artists outside of Signal on Flinders Walk. Over the past month, these artists have been developing characters...

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue


‘Blue on Blue on Blue’ Exhibition

‘Blue on Blue on Blue’ showcases the incredible works of Aleshanee Faery. Join us at the Dax Centre to experience Aleshanee’s work in person. We will be hosting an...

Colour photograph of Joseph Stewart and Anna Seymour. Joseph has his eyes closed and is leaning backwards with his bare chest exposed. Anna leans her head against his shoulder and is facing the opposite direction. Anna’s dark curls frame her face and she looks out into the distance. Their arms are entwined and the background is a pink tongue colour.


Under My Tongue – Belinda Locke

Under My Tongue is a performance, exhibition and public program directed and curated by Belinda Locke. Content Warning: references to medical settings and mental health challenges. Under My Tounge...

Nikki Willson in her study. Photo by Simon Bronson


Artist in Focus – Nikki Willson

What kind of art do you make? Digitally manipulated, collaged and painted photography and video installations that explore bodily memory and the construction of identity in the context of...


Artist in Focus – Michel Tuomy

What kind of art do you make? I am the playwright of ‘Little Brother, Big Sister’ the theatre play which [showed] at La Mama Courthouse Theatre in June 2023....

This work is colourful and reflects Kellie's joy with the process of painting


Artist in Focus – Kellie Wood

Tell us about this artwork. This work has evolved over time and contemplation about my time I have spent involving Doctors and and a period of waiting and appointments....

Headshot of Louise in her studio standing in front of her artwork made up of gold and black pieces of mosaic.


Artist in Focus – Louise Marson

What kind of art do you make? I usually work as a visual artist using natural recycled stone such as marble, travertine, slate and limestone to create mosaic panels...