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A digital illustration with a water stream filled with different coloured blobs, in a green solid field with a blue sky and two feather falling down


The Museum of Us is Live

Click here for the video transcript Click to visit out the Museum of Us. We commissioned 50 Deaf and Disabled artists to create work exploring the questions: What could...

person with white paint on their face, hair and neck. Feathers are covering their eyes.


Introducing Alter State

Alter State provides a platform for Deaf and Disabled artists to tell stories informed by their own lived experience of disability. It is a deep dive into disability arts...

Heather Katina Kristy Deanna Paula


Meet the Creatures at Thomas St Reserve

The new accessible playground at Thomas St Reserve, Hampton features commissioned sculptures of creatures made by the Art Day South artists. The new park includes wheelchair trampolines, flying foxes,...



You’re invited to The Gathering!

This month, July, is Disability Pride Month. Larissa MacFarlane joins us to find out how we practice Disability Pride.   Join us for The Gathering on Tuesday 27 July, 2.30...

Raphael Kaleb and Gular Altanbus


Review of ‘Human First?’ by Raphael ‘The Beurologist’ Kaleb

I would like to thank Güler Altunbas for using her creativity to share the space with other artists that are underrepresented in the community engaging with the community.  ...

Thrive festival square


Thrive Festival

The Emerald Hill precinct will come alive with exhibitions, activities and performances from local Deaf and Disabled artists on Saturday 24 July for Thrive Festival alongside of Open House...

Emerging Writers' Festival



How do social media platforms make storytelling and story sharing more accessible to both creators and audiences? Join these screenwriters, filmmakers and producers as they observe the strengths and...

a digital collage of differnent parts of different peoples faces to make up one face.


Human First?

Human First? is a new exhibition at The Dax Centre by artist Güler Altunbas. Human First? is disability-led story-telling, through the medium of digital art. This exhibition examines the artistic...

portrait of a person. it is a line crawing with pops of colour


Front Up – Art Project Call Out

Front Up is a drawing project to be presented on the windows of Arts Access Victoria in South Melbourne. The project involves drawing portraits of Deaf and Disabled artists...