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Nimbus Studio present Spill

Spill is a new exhibition by eleven artists from the Nimbus Studio.

A young boy in a room standing in the middle of a spilled puddle of Milk. With a surprised expression on his face. The boy has a hearing aid on a band, a light blue top with a tiger outline print and a blue, red, and white striped shorts, white socks with brown leather sandals. The image of the room around the boy is blurred.

Jane Tomlinson, Jasper, 2022.

Spill is a multi-artform exhibition presented by the Nimbus Studio. Eleven artists present works in painting, photography, dry point etching and sculpture.

Their works explore the idea and act of spilling. ‘Spill’ asks what are real and imagined boundaries? And how are these boundaries subverted or transformed?

The exhibiting artists are Angela Blazevic, Aleshanee Faery, Bridgette Griffith – Marks, Woz (Warren Loorham),  Larissa MacFarlane, Raymond Martin,  Penny Pollard, Fiona Taylor, Jane Tomlinson, Nicole Tsourlenes, and Marnie Woods.

A gallery of the works in the exhibition is available to view online.

The exhibition is at Seventh Gallery in Richmond.

There is a catalogue of the works in the exhibition available to download – Spill Nimbus Catalogue [Word document 2.5 MB]


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