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‘A VERY Long Way’ By Naomi Fryers Available For Pre-Order

'A VERY Long Way' will be mailed out for Mental Health Week in October

A very long way

A VERY Long Way is the hopeful non-fiction narrative that provides a rare but relatable insight into the lived experience of an ordinary Australian with significant mental health struggles. Naomi Fryers’ book explores her tenacious journey towards recovery, during which she learned many key life lessons.

One of the main ones being, the importance of embracing natural self-expression as a means of rediscovering an innate sense of self. A VERY Long Way uses her real-life example of overcoming, as a basis of proof that surviving can translate into future thriving, for those determined to commit to healing.


Pre- order your copy here.


Naomi was involved in our auspicing program where she secured funding from Creative Victoria. She used the funding to arrange an editorial internship with Independent Australia to develop her writing skills.

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