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AAV Flashback

We are turning 50!

AAV flashback

To celebrate we will be going back in time through our archives! Join us throughout the year as we highlight major events and projects from our past. We will be sharing everything on our website, social media and eNews. We will be sharing past outcomes, artworks, photos, promo material, publications, newspaper clippings and so much more.

Here is a sneak peek of what we will be sharing over the year.

Our very first Pamphlet! (the image is a cleaned-up scan of the front and back cover)

Arts Acces Victiras first-ever pamphlet. two hands are entering the paper. with text: Arts Access Society and address

We can’t wait to discover and share our history with you! And how AAV fits into the wider arts and disability sector.

Please be aware some language is outdated. We are not censoring these documents to show our history.

Changes in language and concepts of Disability have changed throughout time. What we once thought of Disability is different today and will be different in the future.