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Round Two Accelerate recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of Nurture and Create.

Two islands protrude from a bright blue sea, next to a vivid yellow beach. On the beach, a figure rests under an umbrella. The painting uses strong, expressive brushstrokes.

Greg Muir, Relaxing by the sea, under the umbrella, 2020.

Congratulations to Renay Barker – Mullholland, Romy Durrant, Debra Goldsmith, Anya Hennessy, Wayne Gerard Smith and Gordon Traill who were successful in receiving Accelerate: Nurture funding.

Congratulations to Alice Gartner, Laurence Flegg and Tim Sedgwick who were successful in receiving Accelerate: Create funding. You can learn more about their creative developments below.

Applications are now open for the last round of Accelerate funding. If you haven’t applied for Accelerate yet don’t forget to get your application in by 5 pm on Monday 7 February. More information on how to apply is on the Accelerate page.

Alice Gartner Standing up while playing an acoustic guitar

Alice Gartner.

Alice Gartner is producing a collection of songs and album artworks that explore themes of neurodiversity using experimental music techniques and evocative lyrics.

An acrylic painting of a dragon traveling through two multicolour spheres.

Laurence Flegg, Ice Dragon. acrylic on canvas, 2018.

Laurence Flegg will be creating The Superpowers project. An installation showcasing the superpowers of disabled people through a series of short interviews – “showing the world that we are normal human beings not a different class or subspecies.”

Tim Sedgwick is standing next to one of his painting in a gallery

Tim Sedgwick. Photo by Jenny Sedgwick.

Tim Sedgwick’s project, ‘An Alphabet of Amazing Animals’, will create fantastic paintings for each of the alphabet letters. The paintings will then be collated to publish into a fun, colourful children’s book. “I will have an exhibition of the artworks and a book launch at the same time. This will introduce my work to others outside my hometown.”

Development Grants