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Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams (they/she) is a multi-disciplinary creative from Naarm, Melbourne. In their early creative career, they have interned at Archer Magazine, Australian Poetry and Girlfriend Magazine, participated as a mentee in Melbourne Women in Film Festival’s Critics Lab, and are currently the Digital & Marketing Coordinator at The Wheeler Centre.

Throughout Natalie’s life, she has developed a passion for storytelling in all its forms, and specifically developed a love for film and screenwriting alongside her affection for fiction writing.

She studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts to pursue this passion and graduated with the goal of creating works that focus on identity, queerness, complex relationships and grief in all its forms.

As a writer, filmmaker and co-founder of the social change-focused magazine KOS, she is passionate about the power that authenticity and lived experiences hold in connecting people together.

Coming to neurodiversity and a chronic illness diagnosis later in life, Natalie is utilising her roots in activism and storytelling to explore the ways disability is reflected across the arts sector and wider society,

You can find her work in Kill Your Darlings, Archer Magazine, KOS, Ramona Magazine, Rabelais, WhyNot, Judy’s Punch and other corners of the internet. Keep up to date on Natalie’s latest creative endeavours and life musings by following them on Twitter or Instagram.