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Echo Collective online

Echo Collective have shifted location from meeting at Phoenix Youth Centre in Footscray to meeting online via Zoom.

The Echo Collective ensemble meeting on a Zoom call.

Echo Collective.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, performing arts ensemble Echo Collective have shifted location. From meeting at Phoenix Youth Centre in Footscray, the artists now meet online via Zoom.

The ensemble have been focusing on improvisation comedy performance. And they instantly embraced the new online format to explore the work they have been developing.

Working online has turned the sessions into a sort of TV and radio studio. Live performances are acted out via individual video frames within the grid format of Zoom. This experience has led to some amazing explorations into improvised character development and interaction.

The record function on Zoom has allowed them to document short comedy sketches. Over the coming months, Echo Collective will start sharing this work via AAV’s Instagram and YouTube accounts – we will keep you posted!

Here is what some of the ensemble artists have to say about Echo Collective online:

“I have really enjoyed doing online Zoom sessions with Echo Collective at home, learning about technology and doing classes and filming sessions on improvisation.” – David Baker

“I have loved working online. It is great to use Zoom. Working with the idea of ‘Echo News’ is great because we are able to talk about anything we want and have fun at the same time and laugh about it. I love the topics that we have chosen. They are funny and enjoyable to do. Also, we are using the techniques that we have learned over the year.” – Erin Pocervina

To join Echo Collective, please contact Geoff Robinson at or on (03) 8640 6009.

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