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EWF 2022 Festival program has launched!

The Emerging Writers Festival (EWF) is back for 2022 and we are partnering with them agian to bring you some wonderful Disability Led events!

Emerging Writers Festival 2022

From Wednesday 15 – Saturday 25 June, EWF invites you to discover new stories, new voices, and new worlds. Over eleven days, dive into performances, panels, professional development opportunities, and online projects. With more than 50 in-person and digital events, and featuring over 150 artists, EWF has something for everyone.

Watch the Emerging Writers’ Festival Programme Launch Good at Being Bad on YouTube.

AAV and EWF events

Join us for:

By My Bed

An incredible exhibition featuring works by 8 Disabled artists. The works will be answering the question ‘What are the objects that make up your world?’ and present the artists’ musings about the body, accessibility, care, community, and the order, mess, and tenderness that can accumulate by their beds.

Find out more about By My Bed on the EWF website

Zine Scene: How Access and AI Can Enhance Your Zine

A hybrid workshop on enhancing your zines through access and technology. You will be able to learn new ways of approaching the zine-making process and work together to make your own zines on the day (you can also work on an existing zine).

Find out more about Zine Scene on the EWF website

Enter The Colour Zone: Creating a Colouring In Book

The Launch of Marc Sorbello’s colouring-in book he started working on in 2020.

Find out more about Entre the Colour Zone on the EWF website

Other highlights to look forward to at EWF 2022

Finding Community in the Eye of the Storm

Join Storming the City participants from 2021 for a discussion on building a community of disabled, emerging writers during the pandemic, and how it has impacted their lives and writing.

Find out more about Finding Community in the Eye of the Storm on the EWF website

EWF X Schizy Inc: Gnarly Writers

Gnarly Writers celebrates storytellers who’ve been in the public mental health system for decades.

Find out more about Gnarly Writers on the EWF website