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We can Auspice you in the Creative Ventures Program

Are you a small creative organisation or collective?

During Creative state 2021 – 2025 Creative Victoria announced a new funding stream to support micro and small creative organisations /businesses /collectives to generate content, work and opportunities with two-year funding of up to $200,000 over two years.

The best part is they have a ring-fenced funding stream just for Deaf and Disabled creative groups.

We can help you with your applications and auspicing the grant.

The Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.




What we can help you with

Creative Ventures are cash grants for creative micro organisations, small businesses and collectives (up to 10 people). The grants provide two years of funding, at $70-100k per year, starting from next year. The money can be used for a single, two-year project, or a series of arts projects across the two years.

  • Micro or small creative organisations/businesses that have no more than 10 staff
  • Collectives of no more than 10. This includes ensembles or groups with professional creative practise who work together.
Please note:
  • you have to have to be a legally constituted organisations /businesses with a valid Victorian ABN
  • or you must have a confirmed auspice arrangement. (which we can help you with)
  • applicants are not required to have self-governing boards.
  • Creative Victoria will only accept one application per applicant.

Round opens: Thursday 12 August 2021
Round closes: 3 pm, Thursday 16 September 2021

It takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing dates until funding results are available.

There is information on the grant program on the Creative Victoria website. You can read the guidelines, download a draft application tool and draft budget for you to use while you write your application. There is also a captioned video of an information session about the program.

Click here to find out more about the creative ventures program

Click the links below to download the application guidelines and tools



AAV is here to support Deaf and Disabled artists who want to apply. We can organise a phone or video chat with you to discuss your project, or chat over email if you prefer. We can give tips or advice about your application, which you can take or leave as it is relevant to you. You can also send us drafts of your application which we will read and provide feedback.


An auspice is when you ask an organisation to manage the grant and its money for you. Applicants to this program who are not legally constituted organisations (registered by law and with an ABN) need to apply through an auspice. AAV can auspice your application for you. We charge a fee for this service, which you can pay for with the grant.

You can contact AAV, or Creative Victoria directly if you have questions about your eligibility for this grant program. Creative Victoria can also answer questions about what you can and can’t use the funds for, what information you need to provide, and how to sign up for their grant’s portal (the online form you will use to apply for the grant).

Contact AAV and ask for Tania Smith (Manager, Arts Services Partnerships)

Contact Creative Victoria’s Kaushali Seneviratne (Contact for Deaf and Disabled applicants)

For art form related contacts visit the Creative Victoria Website

Great! Contact AAV straight away to let us know you are interested, and we can make time to work on your application with you.