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And the winner of the 2020 Stella Young Award is…

We are proud to announce this year’s winner is Prue Stevenson. Congratulations, Prue!

Prue Stevenson

The annual Stella Young Award aims to recognise a young Australian disabled artist for their impact on disability activism. Prue is an artist who self-identifies as an autistic person. She advocates for the identity, empowerment, and sensory awareness of the autistic community.

Prue has exhibited and performed artworks nationally. Most recently, she has been featured in the Attitude Foundation ‘Perspective Shift’ Documentary Series, episode #2: Prue. And she has appeared on Dylan Alcott’s ListenABLE podcast, episode #4: Prue.

The announcement was made last night at The Gathering. In her award acceptance speech, Prue said:

“Receiving the Stella Young Award 2020 means more that I can articulate in words. I have lots of wonderful feelings inside my body. If I was to try, it helps me feel truly accepted by the disability arts community. From my lived experience growing up with an invisible disability, and not feeling accepted in mainstream or disability sectors, I hope this award will help me work towards merging these sectors closer together and create an overlap through my art practice and advocacy. Or in other words, help evolve two sectors into an assembly.”

We are excited to see what Prue will achieve over the next 12 months and into the future!

We received many outstanding applications and would like to thank everyone who applied.

The award is made possible by the amazing work and legacy of Disability Media Australia (formerly Grit Media). We thank everyone involved with the organisation and those involved in the production of ‘No Limits.’