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Artists in Focus – Nimbus Studio (part 1 of 2)

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the artists at our Nimbus Studio from creating art. And they are getting ready for their upcoming online exhibition, ‘Ether, The Space Between Spaces’. But who are these artists? Let’s find out!

A digital drawing of a white bird, an eye a piece of land and the letters R, O and R on a blue background.

Nimbus Studio Collective.

There are 11 artists currently attending the Nimbus Studio. Let’s learn more about 5 of them this month and stay tuned for the remaining 5 artists next month!

  • Aleshanee Faery is a multidisciplinary, predominantly analogue artist working in a world that is increasingly overwhelmingly digital. The natural environment is the source of inspiration for projects created in various mediums, such as printmaking, photography, sculpture and textiles. Check out some of her most recent artwork in ‘Ether’.
    Aleshanee Faery
  • Nicole Tsourlenes is a Melbourne-based artist who specialises in photographic and digital works. She is a founding member of the Nimbus Studio and has exhibited widely across Melbourne. Nicole’s work focuses on capturing the world around her. She has an ongoing series of urban street photography that she will be exhibiting in ‘Ether.’
    Nicole Tsourlenes
  • Guler Altunbas is Kurdish born, and has lived most of her life in Melbourne. She is a visual artist and art teacher. Guler creates art in many media forms: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and digital. Her focus on human rights issues influences her work. Guler is an advocate and campaigner against violence against women and children. She will be exhibiting her latest artworks as part of the group exhibition ‘Ether’.
  • Warren Loorham is a visual artist. He paints many portraits, especially self-portraits, as he searches for his new identity post brain injury. Woz mainly works in oils, but he enjoys the twists and turns of learning and exploring different mediums. He gives his demons 3D forms, sculpting them into manageable, controllable visual manifestations. Check out his latest portraits in ‘Ether’.
    Warren Loorham
  • Larissa MacFarlane Larissa MacFarlane is a Naarm/Footscray based visual artist and disability activist, working across a printmaking, community and street art practice. Her work is inspired by her lived experience of her 22-year-old brain injury and investigates Disabled culture, community, identity, and pride. Larissa has been exhibiting in galleries and streets regularly since 2006. ‘Ether’ will be her first exhibition with the Nimbus Studio Collective.
    Larissa MacFarlane

Want to know a fun fact about the Nimbus artists? They all also access, or are planning to access, our mentorship program. The Nimbus Studio and Mentorship combination is very successful!

Watch this space for more details on the upcoming online exhibition ‘Ether’.

If you would like to join the Nimbus Studio and/or do a mentorship, please email Myf Powell at or call 9699 8299 (voice only) and ask for Myf Powell. Myf is the Coordinator and Creative Producer of the Nimbus Studio and manages the mentorship program.

Artist in focus