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Tips from artists to stay creative during Covid-19

Marnie Woods (visual artist at our Nimbus studio)

a pencil drawing od a white and tan coloured dog with scuffy fur.

Marnie Woods, 'Dog', work in progress, June 2020.

  • “I write in my journal, then go back and illustrate it. I write down all my ideas. Even if they are not possible at this time, I can come back to them.”
  • “Don’t restrict yourself to one method of creativity. It can come in many different methods.”
  • “Use your negative thoughts and feelings, as well as your positive ones, in your art. Get it out!”
  • “It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you get old magazines, a pair of scissors, pencil, pen, pieces of paper. You can make a narrative with anything.”
  • “When you take your one hour of exercise a day, collect flowers to press. It is a slow process but so worth it.”
  • “Gather grass and sticks, and tie them together to make figures (I used to do this in school).”
  • “Making paper mâché is easy – gather your junk paper in the house and mix it with water and glue. It’s really very easy and satisfying.”