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Artists in Focus – Nimbus Studio (part 2 of 2)

We are very excited the artists at our Nimbus Studio are exhibiting as part of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. Their online exhibition Ether will be launching on 20 November!

A digital drawing of a white bird, an eye a piece of land and the letters R, O and R on a blue background.

Last month, we learned more about 5 of the 11 artists that are exhibiting in Ether. We are now pleased to introduce the remaining 6 artists. We can’t wait to find out what they’ve been creating since March!

  • Marnie Woods is a self-taught visual artist. Myths and legends from all over the world play a big part in inspiring her artistically. She creates her works in great detail using specialised pens, fine liners and inks. Marnie has exhibited in several solo and group shows.
    Marnie Woods
  • Tammy Berry is a visual artist who draws inspiration from popular media. She makes art through painting, etching, pottery, and screen printing. Tammy has been an exhibiting member of various visual art studios.
    Tammy Berry
  • KScartoonart (Kylie Steinhardt) creates whimsical, quirky cartoons that make the audience smile.  Kylie’s cartoons mix watercolour, black ink and coloured pencil. They incorporate the use of words such as locations and hopeful messages aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Jay Ess is a visual artist who explores what it is to be human. Originally from Townsville, Jay has exhibited in various group shows in Melbourne and NSW, including her prize winning entry in Linden Gallery’s Postcard Show in 1995. Solo exhibitions include, 1997’s ‘Inner Rhythms’ at Westspace Gallery, Footscray.
    Jay Ess
  • Fiona Taylor is a multi disciplinary artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally and whose work encompasses printmaking, ceramics, drawing and painting and more recently sculpture. Fiona is an avid photographer whose work documents a variety of personal interests including her love of birdlife which informs much of her creative projects.
    Fiona Taylor
  • Adam Knapper is a Melbourne-based visual artist. He paints and draws as a way of revealing the layers and complexities of the human experience. Adam is a founding member of the Nimbus Studio and exhibits regularly in solo and group exhbitions. He has just finished his solo online exhibition ‘Down the Line’.
    Adam Knapper

Want to know a fun fact about the Nimbus artists? They all also access, or are planning to access, our mentorship program. The Nimbus Studio and Mentorship combination is very successful!

If you would like to join the Nimbus Studio and/or do a mentorship, please email Myf Powell at or call 9699 8299 (voice only) and ask for Myf Powell. Myf is the Coordinator and Creative Producer of the Nimbus Studio and manages the mentorship program.

Artist in focus