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National Cultural Policy Submissions are open!

The Federal Government is developing a new cultural policy for the decade ahead. They want to know what is important to everyone involved or interested in arts, entertainment and cultural sector.

people talking in front of a mural

Photo by Kate Disher Quill, 2022.

Why do they want your input?

Australia’s arts, entertainment, and cultural sectors must shape the new cultural policy.

Have your say on how we can place arts at the centre of modern Australian life.

This includes:

  • Placing First Nations peoples and culture at the center of the arts and culture.
  • A Place for Every Story. Make sure the arts and culture in Australia reflect our diversity. Everyone has a story to tell – they are all important.
  • The Centrality of the Artist. Artists, and arts workers, create our culture. We need to celebrate this and support people to be able to live and work in the sector.
  • Ensuring Strong Institutions support the arts and culture sector. Making sure they have to tools and support to ensure they uphold and support the sector.
  • Reaching the Audience. Audiences have access to arts and culture they want to experience at home and abroad. Ensuring artists, arts workers and creatives have access to audiences.

How you can have your say

There are two ways for you to tell the Government what you think:

  • make a submission online or via email
  • attend a town hall event.

To make a submission

Visit the National Cultural Policy website and fill out the form on the website.

Click here to go to the national cultural policy website

Download the National Cultural Policy submission template

PDF: National-Cultural-Policy-Submission-Template.Pdf (24.12 KB)

DOCX: National-Cultural-Policy-Submission-Template.Docx (37.05 KB)

You can also email your submission as a document to

What you need in your submission

Submissions must be no more than 3 pages and include:

  • your contact name
  • organisation name, if applicable
  • contact details, including telephone number, postal and email addresses
  • confirmation of whether your submission can be public (published) or kept confidential.

Please be aware that all public submissions must meet the Digital Service Standard for accessibility. If your submission does not it will be modified to be accessible.

If your submission is confidential you will need to label it confidential on all pages.

You can now send your submission in audio or video format. The audio or video file must be no longer than 5 minutes.

To Attend a Town Hall

To attend a town hall event, visit the National Cultural Policy website to register.

Click here to check out dates of the town halls and register.

There will be town halls in Albury/Wodonga, Bendigo and Melbourne on Tuesday 9 August.

Submissions close on Monday 22 August 2022.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your feedback will help inform a new National Cultural Policy for Australia.

How do I find out more?

There is information on the submission process on the National Cultural Policy website.

Click here to check out the Creative Australia—National Cultural Policy they are looking for feedback on. Please note the documents say 2022, however, this is the original 2013 policy they are basing the new policy on.

Click here to download the Australia Council for the Arts National Culture Plan Consultation Framing Submission PDF

Contact Us

Arts Access Victoria will be making a submission as an organisation. You are welcome to contact us with feedback.


Phone: 03 9699 8299 (voice only)/ 0477 860 955 (text or voice)

Please note you can download this page as a word document

Click here to download the National Cultural Policy Submissions are open! Word Docx [89 KB]